Today we’re going to chat about Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Hollywood Hills Home For Sale. I wrote this blog post for you, and other people interested in putting their Hollywood Hills Homes For Sale on the market. The absolute best advice I could give you on selling your Hollywood Hills Home For Sale is to depersonalize your home.

Sounds simple, right? Recently I had a few Hollywood Hills Homes For Sale and the clients didn’t see the value in taking the home out of their house before we came on the market. While they eventually did what I asked and we sold the houses for top dollar very quickly, they complained the whole way saying the home didn’t feel warm and inviting and the house felt sterile. While they might not have liked it, it was exactly what I needed to get the properties sold for top dollar quickly. They had a very unique style that would not appeal to a lot of target homebuyers for their home, to say it politely.

Why do Hollywood Hills Real Estate agents and stagers ask you to de-personalize your home?

Its all about taking your personality out of the space so the homebuyer can envision it as their home, not your home. Give them a blank canvas to work from or I can bring in a great stager for you.

You Probably Love Your Decor But Your Buyer May Not

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First off, after many years selling Hollywood Hills Real Estate, I will tell you 95% of homebuyers need to connect emotionally to a home or condo. Without that emotional connection we’re not getting you an offer. Period. When you depersonalize your Hollywood Hills spot it allows a homebuyer to emotionally connect with your home. They can picture their life in your home. Make sense?

You have a style and you have probably surrounded yourself with a style you like, but when it comes time to sell buyers may have a hard time connecting to your style or see past it. On the other hand if you take away much of the items that may give your home a certain look and style, whats left like flooring, sinks, cabinets ect… while not ideal, can be viewed by the homebuyer as something they can work with.

Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Hollywood Hills Home For Sale  – Final thoughts

Hollywood Hills Real Estate | Hollywood Hills Houses For Sale
Selling your Hollywood Hills Home For Sale can be an emotional time for you. Once you make the decision to sell it is time to disassociate with your home and move forward. If you’re upgrading or downgrading your real estate, this is the perfect time to chat with my preferred mortgage broker Joe Tishkoff, from Skyline Home Loans.

There are many benefits to take the time to depersonalize your home. Work with your real estate agent or a home stager to see what needs to be done and it shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Think of it this way, if you decide to sell your car, your going to take the time to detail your car, why not do the same for your home? While taking the time to depersonalize your home is just one part of the home staging process, why wouldn’t you take the time to “detail your home” to potentially increase your profit potential and decrease the stress that comes with selling a home?

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